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The vision of Galay Media is to create a road map leading towards success with a creative, innovative and psychological approach only for the entrepreneurs having a zeal for establishing their brand by way of leaving a long term impact in the minds of satisfied customers. Galay Media provides consultancy on various levels of a business process starting from Planning, Initiation and Execution to Financial Management, HR Solutions, Marketing, Customer Relationship and Operations Management. Galay Media frames strategies for establishing a new or an existing brand in different segments of industry.

Business Management Cycle


Planning Initiation and Execution:

At this phase, we plan, initiate and then execute a business process. It involves identifying what business we are going to do, how we are going to do it, when we are going to do it and where we are going to do it. This is not just the first step for a new business but a repetitive process for an on going business for its expansion and extension.

Business Management Cycle


When we complete the first phase, we require finance to execute our plans. Without finance we cannot start a business and cannot do expansion of our business. This phase starts with organizing ample funds and investing them in business. For this, we need to have proper knowledge of Financial Management. When we understand terms like budget, incomes, expenses, profits, losses, assets, liabilities, debit, credit, interests and taxes we would be able to understand the financial statement which enables us to manage our funds. Once we can manage the finance, we can have better control over our investments and we can have higher returns on investments.

Business Management Cycle

Human Resource

Once the first two phases are over the next phase is HR Management. This is a very important phase to run a successful business because we cannot run the business alone, we need to hire a team. When we start hiring people for the team HR management starts. It involves many things like job identification and job specification, interview process, selection, recruitments, trainings, roles and jobs assignments, targets, performance appraisals, HR development, working and exit policies and so on. The whole process is taken care of by the HR Management. So, Human Resource Management plays a vital role in the smooth running of a business.

Business Management Cycle


After hiring an effective team, we can introduce ourselves in the market, make people aware of our position there and can also offer these products or services. The next question that an entrepreneur comes across is how can we reach people or the client and make them aware that we are also in the market. We have to do this through effective Marketing Management. Marketing is a process that leads to sales. We must understand that marketing and sales are different terms and marketing itself involves Product, Price, Positioning or Placement and Promotion.

Business Management Cycle


Customer Relationship Management

When the marketing is taken care of we start getting customers for the product or services that we are offering. When we start getting customers that means our business has started and to handle our customers, Customer Relationship Management is required. It is another important aspect of a flourishing business. Customer Relationship Management helps us to understand the psychology of the customers, their requirements, their desires ad nauseam.

Business Management Cycle


Finally, when our business starts, we have customers and we have to do multiple jobs. To do these multiple jobs Operations Management is required. Operation Management can be divided into two parts, Front Office Operations and Back Office operations. This is the last phase, once we reach this phase we think about expanding the business, increasing the profit, customers and services and for that we have to start right from the beginning.

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Managing Business Through Human Psychology

It’s not that easy but it’s not that difficult too. Yes, if you follow the basics of understanding human psychology, the success comes to you. No matter the business is small or big, it is always managed by humans. Machines and Technology are tools, again; managed by humans. Psychology and Management are two very important aspects of life, in general and in business. This book is helpful for two types of people; those who have problems in their business and those who don’t have any problem but can come across such problems at any time during the business process.

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